Fan Fair

by Baiyu

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My sophomore EP is out!! Why is it called Fan Fair you ask? Well, it's because this album is really for you... the one that's stuck by me through thick and thin, and told me that I could do anything I set my heart out to do. You're the one that pushed me to create, to be inspired and to be inspiring. Therefore, my thank you comes in the form of song, and these songs are made for your pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

On a more serious note. There is a heartfelt reason why although Fan Fair is meant to be a free download, you also have the option to donate any amount that you'd like towards the project with no minimum. No, this donation is not for me - it's for a much bigger cause. The tsunami and earthquake tragedy in Japan has, and continues to impact so many people that I couldn't just stand by without at least trying to make a difference. With that said, 100% of the proceeds from Fan Fair will go towards Japanese aid relief organizations. This way, not only do I get to share my music with you, we get to share a little bit of love and support to the people of Japan.

You are my heart...



released April 15, 2011

Lyrics: Baiyu, Kaleb "KQuick" Rollins;
Production: Kaleb "KQuick" Rollins;
Mastering: Kevin Odom;
Recorded & Mixed at Grand Staff Studios, NYC




Baiyu New York, New York

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Track Name: Take A Number (feat. Fred the Godson)
Having been born in Xiamen, China to musically gifted parents, Baiyu has been forging her path since prior to her arrival in the United States. In China, she learned to read and compose music at the age of six with little formal training, and sang in school choirs solidifying her confidence and love for music.

At the age of eight she and her family moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland. While in the DC area, her father gained popularity as a bamboo flute player. Simultaneously Baiyu’s interest in American music began to materialize. Before she learned English, female icons Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston captivated Baiyu. Even though she didn’t understand the words, the emotion and power from these soulful divas sparked a newfound romance in Baiyu for music.

This renewed focus, coupled with her adoration of music, kept her singing in school choirs from elementary to high school. Baiyu immersed herself in activities outside of music such as kickboxing, Chinese dance, ballet and modeling. As a model and actress, she has worked with Seventeen magazine, appeared in four independent films, and was a host for MTVu's hit show "The Freshmen" for three years.

Irrespective of her hopes to become an entertainer, she remained focused in her studies where she graduated in 2008 from the number one ranked Princeton University, where she was a member of the Black Arts Dance Company and a vocalist for the University's Jazz Ensemble.

Armed with intelligence, beauty, patience and ingenuity, Baiyu will pave the way for a new generation of R&B singers.
Track Name: Together
You know you can come to me
Whenever you’re in need
I will stand by your side
Through and through

Whenever you’re feeling down
I’ll pick you up off the ground
Just know that you’re not alone
We can win this fight together

Verse I:
Through hard times
In simple ways
That’s how I show you
That I care for you (yeah)

I know we’ve been through
Ups and downs
But you wiped my tears away
Told me that we’ll find a way

Sub Chorus:
Now we’re sitting on top of the world
Just you and your favorite girl
And I
Know that nothing can defeat us

Just hold my hand
And I’ll hold yours
If we never let go (go)
Baby we got it


Verse II:
There’s never been a pair like us
Anybody’s seen before
Jordan and Pippen ain’t got
Nothing on us we’re too hot

Nothing can come between the two
And everything you are
To me
Makes me believe
And now

Sub Chorus


Noone ever has to be alone
There’s always someone to count on
Even though you might think you’re on your own
Just look around for somebody to say